Meet the Owner

Hello, it's wonderful to meet you! My name is Ethan Antaya. I am the owner of Four Steps Travel Co.

My love for travel, as for many, started with a cross-country round trip while I was in grade school. From there I caught the travel bug! Since then, I have been very fortunate to visit some amazing places. I've been to multiple countries in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America. 

Pre-Pandemic I was working for a company recruiting students to volunteer abroad. I was then able to host one of the volunteer abroad projects in the magnificent country of Cambodia. I fell in love! I was fortunate to spend time at a community school and take part in building a large artificial coral reef. This trip was life-changing and I am so grateful for the experience and lifelong friendships I made. I have such a special place in my heart for Cambodia and everything the country has to offer.

Four Steps Travel Co. was born out of this love of travel and culture. I've had an obsession with travel news, tracking prices, researching cultures and excursions, and booking mock trips. I fill my time with all things travel. I love putting together ideal vacations and trips. In fact, every year my fiancé and I alternate surprising each other with a trip. This surprise is ultimately what we gift each other during the holiday season. Every year we alternate doing an adventure or a luxury stay. Needless to say, booking travel is something I do, and I do it well! There is nothing better than putting a dream vacation together for someone and hearing all about it when they return. 

Traveling is medicine. When you travel you are able to escape, learn about yourself, recharge, and experience other cultures. 

My passion is to get people where they want to be. My only question for you is, where will your steps take you?

Give us a call at Four Steps Travel Co. to book your ideal vacation!